Trainers & Coaches


Broad range

We put together a team that works independently and each teammember has their unique addition to get the best out of you. We have nutritionists, scientists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, high level performers and coaches. We will connect you with one of our experts that fits your needs. Following that connection there will be a collaboration within the context of our program; behaviour, training and performance.

Long term

There are no shortcuts to achieve your goals. Consistency and long term commitment are key to make real changes. During this proces (apart from your training), we want you to make behavioral and physical choices that fit you best.

Our team

Lisette Koster

Owner / Personal trainer

I’m the owner and personal trainer with a background in breakdance. I’d like to help you (re)-connect, educate you in how to optimize your training, gain consciousness, improve skills, to get the best out of you.

Yaset Artola Rosell

Personal trainer

I’m a personal trainer, with a broad level in performance. I’ve performed as a gymnast and professional Ballet dancer, with a summary of 28 years of athletic and professional experience. I have a precise and detailed approach to movement and training, where focus and consistency is key.

Scott Everduim

Personal trainer

My story will be visible soon…

Darshan Brassinga

Personal trainer

I’m a personal trainer with a Bachelor degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and a Master’s degree in Health Sciences. I enable people to increase control over, and to improve, their health.

Floor Blijenberg

Personal trainer

I’m a personal trainer, physical therapist & vitality coach. I offer a holistic approach when it comes to achieving goals, that we have set together.

Wouter Koopman

Personal trainer

I’m a personal trainer that combines strength, condition, rehabilitation and martial arts. My goal is to teach people how to work within their own abilities during training, which support the fundaments for future aspiration, events and having fun.

Esmee van der Loo


I’m a vitality coach. My mission is to get you to work with goals that truly matter.

Jomecia Oosterwolde

Dance / Movement teacher

I’m a dance / movement teacher with a broad level in performance, with more than 20 years of experience in various dance styles and a focus in African dance. The goal in my classes is to create strength, fluidity and isolations in the body. We’ll focus on finding a smooth and comfortable way through the body with dynamics and musicality.