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Welcome to Sim

We are Sim, a unique team of specialists in movement. We offer personal training, small group classes, company training, organize workshops, seminars and events. All our offers are COVID proof, and also available through online training.

Make waves, ride the curve

We are committed to offer you a suitable training, and that isn’t just moving around like a cheetah. It might be… But by screening your needs and behavioral patterns, we’ll find ways to challenge your inner beast.

Matching your needs

Each of our teammembers has their own unique background. We have nutrisionist, scientist, physiotherapist, personal trainers, high level performers and coaches. A broad range of specialists in movement. Have a look at our team and find your match.

Stay fit at home with your colleagues

We offer online personal training and company training. This can be an extra boost to your weekly training schedule. Especially for the ones that sit behind a desk all day long. Yes, we do forget to move, your brain is doing all the work. You have to catch a deadline in 5 min, we all know the drill. Let us help you by guiding you into a easy program to step out of your comfortable desk zone.

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