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Our fundamentals

Sim connects

We offer personal trainers in the fields of nutrition, behaviour and various sports and dance. The personal trainer maps out a long term route within behaviour, training and performance. Within these areas we can help you develop your physical and mental condition.

Sim screening

Our screening takes place during our first introduction. We will look at your needs and will look at your current state of health and movements. After our screening we will connect you with one of our personal trainers that fits your profile and needs.

Sim Online

We want to help and guide you even more throughout your training proces. For that reason we now offer online personal training. This can be an extra boost to your weekly training schedule. It helps you to get that extra feedback on several movements, behavior en performance. Click on the link below to read more.

Make waves, ride the curve

We are committed to get the best out of your training, and that isn’t just moving around like a cheetah. We don’t let you jump into programs you won’t need. By screening your needs, behavioral patterns and level of fitness, we will challenge you with a program that fits you.


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