Open gym

All the tools within hand reach

We offer open gym hours at Sim HQ for individuals looking for private spot to train. We have all the necessary tools and possibilities to make your training comfortable.

Sim exclusive key memberships

With this subscription you get the key to the studio, you submit a request for the desired training moment. If the studio is available, you will have access to the studio.

* depending on business at requested times.

* this subscription it only available to PT customers who train at least once week.

Sim exclusive memberships

Spot to go
€25,-One session
  • Equipment ✔
  • Location ✔
  • Facilities ✔
  • Contact us for more information
€95,-One month
  • Equipment ✔
  • Free acces ✔
  • Location / key studio ✔
  • Facilities ✔
  • Contact us for more information

“Claim your spot and have your own private training spot!


If you are a company and looking for a way to train with your colleagues on- or offline, then please visit our ‘company training’ page. These trainings are focused on creating a suitable program which decreases pains (from long term desk work) and finding balance between work and movement.

Interested? Call or e-mail us